Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Scams

Facebook is a very popular social platform, which I think everybody is familiar with. Facebook also has a Messenger app for mobile devices to ease chatting through Facebook. The Messenger app is basically the Facebook chat made available for mobile users, it offers an easy way to chat with your Facebook contacts. As some might know, […]

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Linux booting

Vulnerability in the Linux TCP stack

The network stacks of recent Linux kernels have a vulnerability that makes it possible to perform denial of service attacks with low packet volumes. Maintaining the denial of service condition requires continuous two-way TCP sessions to a reachable open port. The vulnerability is related to the handling of TCP segments within the Linux TCP/IP stack. […]

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Basic home router

Guide to home network and router security

The security of routers and other internet-connected devices is more important than never before. There is a huge increase in threats for devices that connected to the internet. Internet of Things (IoT) devices have had their impact on this as more and more attacks are targeting small devices used at homes. Routers and modems together […]

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Password not installed

Do we need to use BIOS passwords?

There are many new risks for our home and work computers and many ways to protect them from these risks. In this post, I will go through some thoughts on BIOS passwords and should we use them. If you are not familiar with what BIOS is, don’t worry I will explain all you need to […]

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