About PC Rookies

PCRookies.com is a website for people who are interested in computers and cyber-security. Maybe you would like to build your first computer or you are concerned about your online security and privacy. PC Rookies is a great place to start learning as we provide you with everything we know about computers and online security.

Our Mission

The mission of PC Rookies is to make the reader understand computers better, to learn the basics of computer hardware. It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to computers or someone with a background in computer hardware, we believe everyone will learn something new from our site. Learning and getting familiar with new things is what PC Rookies is all about.

Why should you build your own PC

There are a lot of reasons why you should build your own PC. For many people, building their PC is a new experience and they also might want to learn more about the parts used in computers. They wanted to do it because it’s cool to use a computer that you have built completely by yourself. Some do it with their friends, spouse or maybe with son or daughter, it’s a great way to connect with other people. However, a lot of people just want to save some money, buying the computer as a whole is usually more expensive than buying the components. Then there are also the enthusiasts who are looking for the best possible parts for their custom setups.

Whatever the reason for you is, I really think you should just go for it, check our build guides to have something, to begin with.

For me, the reason why I built my first computer was a bit of mixture of the reasons mentioned above. I also needed a computer with better specs than the ones in stores at that moment, so it was easier to build the computer to match my needs than find a PC that I’m satisfied with.

In a nutshell, building your own computer is an experience, every time. Most people do like the feeling of achieving something significant (or at least I do). The feeling when you turn on your self-build computer for the first time is really something worth experiencing. It makes you smile. After you have done your build, you are able to help others to build their computers too or send a link to this site so they can learn by themselves.

I hope you will learn a lot of new things and have awesome time building and using your very own, self-build PC.

Why you need to be aware of your online security and privacy

Online security and especially privacy are a raising concern amongst people. It is something new to all and the limits any authority can have is something worth debating. Is our personal privacy more important than the national security? Online privacy is full of important subjects we need to be aware so that nobody can violate our privacy. Online security, on the other hand, is something we need to pay attention to not lose our assets or personal information. Cyber threats are always evolving and new vulnerabilities are found all the time.

If you are looking to enhance your privacy and/or security, we got you covered. We are offering material on cybersecurity best practices and how to secure your identity online. You can then choose for yourself, what is the level of anonymity and security you are looking for. Not everyone needs to be fully anonymous or encrypt everything they type. Most of us the best online experience is somewhere in between usability, security, and anonymity. PC Rookies also offers cyber-security alerts, to keep you aware of new vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.


There can be errors in the information provided on this site. I do not take any responsibilities for the possible harm it may have caused to you in any manner. Keep in mind, the responsibility of the compatibility of the parts is always yours.

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