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How to cool down your PC

How to Cool Down Your PC

Cooling your system is very important because it simply gives you the possibility to get the performance out of the components you paid for. Good cooling will have a positive effect on the lifespan of your computer and the performance. Cooling can be done with air or water, both are a good option with different […]

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Computer RAM explained

Computer RAM Explained

The RAM (Random Access Memory) works as a working memory for computer programs, files and for everything else used by the user. Once the program and the data it needs is in the RAM, the program will work faster. Without RAM the programs and files would have to be always read from the storage drives, […]

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CPU definition and function

CPU Definition and Function

Central Processing Unit (CPU) or processor is the component which carries out the tasks different programs give to it. It can be described as the brain of the computer because it does the data processing. Processors ability to perform tasks is affected by its clock rate, which is measured in Gigahertz (GHz). Gigahertz is a […]

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