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Facebook Privacy Tips and Settings

Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month, you can find almost all of your friends from the platform. This also means that people you don’t know can find your profile and see your details, updates, and images. Most of us don’t want their profile to be publicly available. Here is a guide on […]

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Facebook Messenger

Major Facebook Security Issue

Facebook’s engineering team found out on Tuesday, that a security issue was abused and it was affecting almost 50 million Facebook users. The attackers exploited a vulnerability in the code, that allowed them to view access tokens of other Facebook users. Access tokens are like digital keys, that allow the user to stay logged in. Without […]

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White keyboard

Apple macOS Mojave 10.14 Security Updates

  Apple has released macOS Mojave 10.14, the 2018 edition of macOS. This update contains many security updates, which are introduced below.   The updates below are for these specific Mac models:   App Store A malicious application may be able to determine the Apple ID of the owner of the computer.   Application Firewall […]

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Car keys

Cyber Threats for Cars and How to Deal with them

Cybercriminals are inventing new ways to compromise different systems all the time. As devices connected to the internet and internet platforms, such as personal computers, servers, mobile devices, and websites, for example, are a common target for hackers and, still remain the main targets for them, there is a growing risk for modern cars that […]

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Apple Releases Security Updates for iOS 12

In addition to multiple other security updates Apple released recently, they also released security updates for iOS 12. As these updates are security updates, it is important to apply them to all devices that are affected. You can view Apple’s product security page for more information from this link.   iOS 12 A local app may […]

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Smart watch

Apple Releases Multiple Security Updates

Apple has released security updates for Safari 12, tvOS 12, watchOS 5, and Apple support 2.4 for iOS. As these updates are security updates, it is important to apply them to all devices that are affected. Some of these vulnerabilities allow the attacker to take control of the affected system if exploited. You can view […]

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Browsing the internet

Dangers of Malicious Code in Documents

There are many different document types that we use on daily basis, I personally use at least three different file types every day. Some of them I create myself and some of them I receive via email or download from different sources. When downloading or receiving documents via email, it is always important to pay […]

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