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Facebook Privacy Tips and Settings

Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month, you can find almost all of your friends from the platform. This also means that people you don’t know can find your profile and see your details, updates, and images. Most of us don’t want their profile to be publicly available. Here is a guide on […]

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Car keys

Cyber Threats for Cars and How to Deal with them

Cybercriminals are inventing new ways to compromise different systems all the time. As devices connected to the internet and internet platforms, such as personal computers, servers, mobile devices, and websites, for example, are a common target for hackers and, still remain the main targets for them, there is a growing risk for modern cars that […]

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Browsing the internet

Dangers of Malicious Code in Documents

There are many different document types that we use on daily basis, I personally use at least three different file types every day. Some of them I create myself and some of them I receive via email or download from different sources. When downloading or receiving documents via email, it is always important to pay […]

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Online safety

Guide on Keeping Children Safe Online

Online security is a concern that everyone needs to pay attention as we don’t want people with malicious intents to get their hands on our personal information or payment details. To stay secure online, some people might use VPNs or other techniques to avoid eavesdropping, we have spent time on learning the best practices for […]

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Password not installed

Do We Need to Use BIOS Passwords?

There are many new risks for our home and work computers and many ways to protect them from these risks. In this post, I will go through some thoughts on BIOS passwords and should we use them. If you are not familiar with what BIOS is, don’t worry I will explain all you need to […]

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