Smart watch

Apple Releases Multiple Security Updates

Apple has released security updates for Safari 12, tvOS 12, watchOS 5, and Apple support 2.4 for iOS. As these updates are security updates, it is important to apply them to all devices that are affected. Some of these vulnerabilities allow the attacker to take control of the affected system if exploited. You can view […]

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Browsing the internet

Dangers of Malicious Code in Documents

There are many different document types that we use on daily basis, I personally use at least three different file types every day. Some of them I create myself and some of them I receive via email or download from different sources. When downloading or receiving documents via email, it is always important to pay […]

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Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler contains a vulnerability that allows the attacker to escalate their local privileges in the Advanced Local Call (ALPC) interface. This can allow the user to obtain SYSTEM privileges. Task Scheduler is a program that comes with the Windows operating system. With the Task Scheduler, the user is able to run commands […]

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Intel Core i7 sticker on a laptop

Intel Side-Channel L1TF Vulnerability

Intel has released information about a new vulnerability that the attacker can use to obtain sensitive information. The vulnerability is called L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) and it affects multiple Intel microprocessors. Vulnerabilities CVE-2018-3615 – L1 Terminal Fault: SGX Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and Intel® software guard extensions (Intel® SGX) may allow unauthorized disclosure […]

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Online safety

Guide on Keeping Children Safe Online

Online security is a concern that everyone needs to pay attention as we don’t want people with malicious intents to get their hands on our personal information or payment details. To stay secure online, some people might use VPNs or other techniques to avoid eavesdropping, we have spent time on learning the best practices for […]

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Scams

Facebook is a very popular social platform, which I think everybody is familiar with. Facebook also has a Messenger app for mobile devices to ease chatting through Facebook. The Messenger app is basically the Facebook chat made available for mobile users, it offers an easy way to chat with your Facebook contacts. As some might know, […]

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